Silo cleaning system shipping to Uruguay yesterday, Grain Cleaning Equipments are widely used in grain silo system to clean out granular, mealy or floury dust from grain, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice or pellets from bulk materials in grain storage silos, bulk storage systems, food processing plants or feed production lines. Grain cleaning machine is composed of dust filter, blower, filter cleaning system and dust removal system. Single deck, double decks and low pressure pulse dust collector are commonly used grain cleaners.

Grain cleaning machine is applied in food, starch, oil, alcohol and other industries to clean out the dust from the grain.  It is widely used in grain storage silos, bulk storage systems, food processing plants or feed production lines.

Silo cleaning system specification

Double drum pre-cleaner

Model: TCQYS100/320

Capacity: 50T/H

Air processing capacity: 3000m3/h

Dimension: 3410mmx1620mmx2680mm


Model: 2-SKL800

Air processing capacity: 3850-5720m3/h

Dimension: 1500mmx1500mmx3625mm

Airlock( Airshutter)

Model: TGFY16

Capacity: 24r/min

Dedusting Fan

Model: 4-72№5A

Air processing capacity: 7400-10000m3/h

Dedusting Pipe network

Model: FW450

Silo cleaning system Shipping to Uruguay
grain cleaning system Shipping to Uruguay

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