Suction Separator

//Suction Separator

Suction Separator

  • Compact structure, saving floor space
  • Low construction expense
  • Large processing capacity
  • Stable Performance
  • Low maintenance charge
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • The classification particle size can reach 10μm



Suction separator (also called Aspiration Separator, Separator Machine or Centrifuge Separator) is one of the commonly used grain cleaning equipment for steel silos, it is specially designed and manufactured to suction and isolate light-weight light impurities like grain skin and dust from the grain products like wheat, rice, corn or oil material.

Features of Suction Separator

  • Compact structure, saving floor space.
  • Low construction expense.
  • Stable Performance.
  • Reliable sealing ensures no dust leak.
  • High dust removal efficiency.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Reduced operation cost for the air self-circulation system.

Suction Separator Applications

Suction separator is widely used in the grain storage solutions, flour milling plant, rice processing plant, corn processing plant, oil expression plant, animal food plant and so on. 

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