Maize Storage Silos Run in Hebei Province

//Maize Storage Silos Run in Hebei Province

Maize Storage Silos Run in Hebei Province

Maize storage silos are well running in Hebei Province at the February of 2018, this silo project locates in Luanping, Hebei province, China.

This turnkey maize storage silo system include 2 sets 272m3 galvanized grain silos with 3 sets of 50t/h grain bucket elevators with support tower, 2 sets of 50t/h grain drag chain conveyors, waterproof round type grain spout, and related connection parts.

We designed insulation silos for this maize storage silos project, insulation silos are the steel silos with insulated system which include the silo roof, silo body and silo bottom plus the insulation part. The Insulation silos sheets include three layers, the galvanized sheet inside, the yellow part in the middle, it’s rock wool polyurethane froth, the white part outside layer, it’s colorful steel sheet.

Maize storage silos run in Hebei Province
grain storage silos run in Hebei Province
Galvanized grain silos run in Hebei Province

Maize storage silos specification

  • Model–TCZK05509
  • Diameter–5m
  • Volume–272m3
  • Total Height–35m
  • Hopper Bottom SiloRing–9rings
  • Silo Hopper Angle-45°

50t/h grain bucket elevator specification

  • Model–TDTG50/23
  • Head Wheel Diameter–500mm
  • Buckets Width–230mm
  • Power–5kw
  • Elevator Height–one set of 22.5m and two sets of 25m

50t/h grain drag chain conveyor specifications

  • Model–TGSS25
  • Tube Width–250mm
  • Capacity–50t/h
  • Power–3kw
  • Length–one setof 7m, one set of 5.5m

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