Galvanized grain silo project is on the installation in Dongping city, Shandong province these days. The galvanized grain silo is used for corn storage, it also can be used for wheat, rice, paddy, barley, soybean and so on.

This galvanized grain silo project includes 2 sets of 1600m3 concrete bottom corn storage silos, 50t /h grain cleaning system and dedusting system, 2 sets of 50t/h grain bucket elevators with support tower for vertical transportation, 5 sets of 50t/h grain drag chain conveyors for horizontal transportation, ventilation system, temperature monitoring system, level indicator, waterproof round type grain spout, related connection parts and Electric Control System.

Galvanized Grain Silo Installation in Shandong Province
Grain Silo Installation in Shandong Province

Galvanized grain silo accessories specifications

Cleaning and dedusting system

Double drum pre-cleaner

Air processing capacity: 2500m3/h, Cleaning rate ≥85%


2-SKL750, Air processing capacity: 3850-5720m3/h

Airlock( Airshutter)

TGFY9, 24r/min

Impulse deduster

TBLM52, Filtration velocity: 1-3m/min

Filter area: 38m2 Air processing capacity: 7500-9050m3/h

Dedusting Fan

4-72№4A, Air processing capacity: 4047-7471m3/h

Dedusting Pipe network


Magnetic Drum

TCXT30, Magnetic force>3500GS

Ventilation system

Blower: 4-72№5A, 2900r/min, Air processing capacity: 7728-15455m3/h, used at the bottom of silo to blow the air into silo;

Suction fan: T35-11,1450r/min, used on the roof of silo, used to suct the air out from silo;

Ventilation pipe: Circular ventilation pipe with holes

Temperature monitoring system

There are sensors every 2.5m on each cable from top to the bottom; One set of software .

Level indicator

ZL-II, Blocking-rotating type, 2sets per silo

Electric Control System

Electric control cabinet will be put next to the bucket elevator of this system;

We select domestic high-quality electronic components(Zhengtai) for the Electric control cabinet, GB;

Contains all the cables, threading and trunking from electronic control room to the equipment;

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