Grain storage bins (also called grain storage silos) are widely used to store grain, seeds, feed, flour, plastic granules, pulverized coal and other granule or powder materials. The assembly corrugated grain storage bins are widely applied for flour mills, grain mills, oil plants, malt plants, breweries, ports, farms, grain processing centers, coal mines and other units as the primary storage silo, temporary storage, transit storage silo, raw materials silo and other uses.

The applications and advantages of Grain storage bins

The applications and advantages of Grain storage bins

Grain storage bins have the following advantages:

1. Lower basic cost with lightweight, low request for foundation, low consumption of steel, thus reducing the basic costs.

2. High degree of standardization. The factory can make standard parts according to domestic materials to achieve standardization, generalization, serialization, prefabricated in factory, installed on-site.

3. Simple installation, short construction period, all the parts of the assembly corrugated steel silo are connected by standard bolts.

4. Easy to achieve mechanization, the assembly corrugated grain silo is equipped with silo accessories, such as elevator, conveyor, cleaner, ventilation system, drying, temperature and moisture monitoring system, level indicator and so on. So we could ensure the quality and safety of the material stored in the silo.

5. Easy to maintain. As all the parts of the steel silo are connected by standard bolts, so it is easy to remove or repair it.

6. Low cost and long lifetime. The cost of assembly corrugated bolted grain silo is just 35%-50% of the cement silo with the same specification. And its life span can reach to 30 years.

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